We can crunch the numbers and find out if people are engaging with your content, where and why. We'll refine what is working for your business and discover where your money is best spent.


We can set up a detailed and thorough reporting schedule to measure your social media activity.

Services include:

  • Channel selection - decide what channels are providing value and highlight opportunities. 
  • Metrics that count - should you measure CPC, CTR and CPV? (and what even are they?)  
  • Data driven decisions - use your social media data to drive business decisions.
  • Content reporting - which content is resonating with your audience and why?
  • Efficient spend -  make your advertising dollar work harder.




You will have a robust reporting program and become a numbers nerd. You will use data to drive business decisions and you will make your money work harder for you via efficient social media advertising.

This is tailored just for you, so cost varies. Get in contact for a quote.