Facebook tweaks their algorithm every single day. It's made up of thousands of considerations, but when they make major changes it's often announced on their blog. We all know organic reach is declining, yada yada, so this change came as a confirmation of what people have been speculating about for a few years.

Facebook has changed the algorithm to prioritise posts from 'Family and Friends'. Not pages. I'm 99.99% sure every business out there pooped their pants when they heard about the new update, however never fear, it's not the end for Facebook. 

What does this mean?

This means your content on Facebook has to be more relevant to the user's experience when using the channel. Is everyone talking about Pokemon Go? Then your brand should be talking about Pokemon Go, so the experience on Facebook is relevant to the end user. 

If your family and friends are talking about summer, or the Cricket (and that conversation is relevant for your brand to interject), it will mean your content is relevant to the user, resonate and Facebook won't hesitate to allow it in people's feeds because it makes for a better experience than a random credit card or hose ad popping up without context or relevance. 

Are you seeing a theme here? Relevance is the new black.

If you are not making yourself relevant to the end user, your target consumer, you are merely a fly on the Facebook wall.