Is 2017 the year your business tries Snapchat?

New year, new you.. or something like that. If changing the way your business operates on social media is something that's crossed your mind for 2017, you're in the right place.

Posting blindly on social media sans strategy or intent can often do more harm then good for your business. Make 2017 the year you post with intent. Make 2017 the year you have goals for your social media channels, and measure them. Then you'll see how social media can truely drive awareness and impact for your business.

Considerations when setting your goals.

1. What is the purpose of your social channels?

Do they need to drive traffic to an online shop? Are they a great format for real-time customer service and feedback? Or have you just launched your brand and need to raise good ole awareness of what you do?

Having a purpose for each social channel will help you determine your goals. For example, Facebook is great for driving traffic to external sources, like a blog, online shop or website. Jot down a primary purpose for each active social media channel you have. 

Some options:

  • Brand awareness 
  • Driving traffic to a blog/shop/website
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Customer retention and engagement
  • Content distribution


2. What role does social need to play to align with your business/marketing goals? 

There's no point heavily promoting your dog shampoo when your business strategy is solely focusing on growing the cat shampoo product line in 2017, come on Johnson!  Ensure you have a clear vision of what your business goals entail, and how social media can play a supporting role in achieving them.


3. What worked well on your channels for 2016?

Learning what your social communities respond to helps guide future content. Have a look at the best performing posts of 2016 and pick the 3 posts with the highest engagement (i.e likes, comments and shares). What tweets got re-tweeted more than others? Find out your best 9 Instagram pictures, do you notice any trends? 

Did people love your posts that included your products in action more than your behind-the-scenes posts? Then give the people what they want! 

Having a clear idea of what types of content perform best will determine what you need to focus on for 2017. 

Actually setting social media goals.

1. Remember your why

At Social Thought we think social first for business. We're dedicated to helping businesses talk to the people that matter most on social media. When we think about how we can use social media to achieve that, we need to share our knowledge about social media marketing to help people use social better and inspire them to think social first (like this post!). 

If your business is an organic muesli company passionate about wholesome, nutritious vegan food then you can translate that via Instagram, sharing inspiring breakfast images and recipe inspiration. Knowing your why in and out will help guide your goals. 


2. Set SMART goals focusing on M for measure

'Bleh! SMART goals... how boring... how typical' I hear you say. Yes, but in this instance we'll only school you about the M. When social content performs well, measurements play a big part in determining success. A post 'succeeds' when it has either generated a lot of traffic to a source, received high engagement or reached a lot of people (among other measurements).

Your social media goals should have a measure in them, for example:


3. Try new things

Social platforms are always introducing new features, new products and changing the way people communicate. 2016 welcomed Instant Articles and live videos available to Facebook Pages.  Snapchat Geo Filters on Demand were launched to Australian's wanting a custom Geo filter for their brand and Instagram launched their not-so-original Stories. Social platforms are always shipping new features and it's driving creative responses from brands trying new things. 

As long as your post is not a terrible idea (read: offensive or in bad taste), experiment with these cool new features in 2017. 

Find out how how some brands used Facebook Live in 2016
Here's some great brands on Snapchat

If you make a tooth whitening product, why not do a live Q&A with the product developer? If you sell trendy prescription lenses, why not Snapchat the buying/planning process, or do a live video teaching people how to choose the right lens for their face shape? 


Starting point for your goals:

Don't go crazy, go actionable and achievable. If you haven't had social media goals before, here's a few areas to set some and see how you go.

  • Engagement goal - increase engagement on your content
  • Reach goal - reach more people
  • Community growth goal - grow your communities/social channels
  • Channel goals - Try a new channel, or focus on a specific one

With the chunkier goals, let's say 'Increase Facebook Fans to 10,000', break them down by the monthly requirement so you need to increase your audience by 833 fans a month. That goal would then become 'Increase Facebook Fans to 10,000 by 2018, increasing by 833 a month.' This helps you keep a closer hand on how you are tracking to your goals. 

  1. Remember your WHY, for your business and how that translates to why you post on social media.

  2. Set SMART goals and set your business measurable social goals.

  3. Try new things. Set a goal for something you have never done before. 


If these goals are not enough.

'These goals are helping me kick ass, I want more!' you say? If setting a few social media goals is helping your business post with more strategy and intent, and in turn you see a noticeable difference maybe it's time to look at a dedicated social media strategy. 

Happy posting!